Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School at Concordia starts at 9:15. We open with a brief family-style devotion for both children and adults, before dismissing to our various classes.

There is a class for adults and teens, with separate classes for children to learn age-appropriate lessons.

In Sunday School, our children study the stories of the Bible, learn Bible verses and memorize the Bible’s teachings, sing and play games, and enjoy occasional snacks and music.

Our Sunday School operates:

  1. To apply Law & Gospel to the students to lead them to repentance and faith in Christ.
  2. To provide students with a core of Biblical knowledge: both Bible stories, and the Bible’s teachings, subject-by-subject.
  3. To promote good Christian devotional habits.
  4. To instill trust in Baptism and the gifts of the Divine Service.
  5. To equip students to live according to their callings, both now and later in life.
  6. To build supportive relationships within the classroom and congregation.
  7. To prepare students for assaults against their faith and good conscience posed by culture, secular education, and their own sinful nature.
  8. To serve as a vital outreach to families in our community.