Worship for Families

A parent, who gets no more days in the week than anyone else, brings the kids to church and guts out a service with full hands. You may be frustrated, because it occurs to you that you barely get anything out of it. You wonder if it’s worth it. You may even be a little embarrassed at how the children behave.

You and your kids are welcome at Concordia. We want to support, encourage, and commend you in your important work in any way we can. You’re teaching your children decorum and appropriate behavior. You’re teaching them reverence. You’re teaching them patience. You’re teaching them something called delayed gratification. You’re teaching them how to read, or follow music, from right out of the hymn book.

Yet above all these things, the children learn the Words that are their intended heritage from God: to know Christ, to believe in Him, to have a firm foundation for their faith and life. You’re learning right along side them. Just like losing sleep to take care of a fevered child, or bending over to change a diaper or tie a small shoe, or fixing supper and then cutting it into small pieces while your own meal gets cold– that much and moreso,  It’s worth it!